What is Pet Passport?
Pet Passport or known as Malaysia Animal Identification Card is a Malaysia Official Documents and it will only be issued after the pet is registered with DVS or any DVS appointed veterinar.

In Malaysia, Pet Passport operated by the DVS as provided under the Animal Act 1953(Revised 2006) and at this time, the project is only focused on the registration of pets such as cats, dogs, and horses. More over, Pet Passport Registration System is the national database system under Malaysian Animal Traceability System (MATs)
Why Pet Passport is important?
Pet Passport allows the you as the pet owner to collect all the important information about your pet in one document and it is easier for the officer at the border or a country's entrance to confirm the health and immunisation records of your pet.

The aim of creating Pet Passport are:
  1. To give identification to the pets
  2. Develop a national database of pets
  3. To improve pet traceability
  4. To increase number of responsible owner
  5. To promote awareness in animal welfare
What kind of animals can be registered?
All kind of pets can be registered. However, the department is currently focusing only on the registration of animals listed below:
  1. Dog
  2. Cat
  3. Horse
  4. Rabbit
What are the benefits gained through the Pet Passport registration?
Pet owner who register their pet through Pet Passport will get:
  1. Easy to detect the missing pet
  2. Pet owner's confirmation
  3. Pet health information in one book (Pet Passport)
  4. Easy to control disease if pandemic.
How to get a Pet Passport for your pet?
Pet owner can get their Pet Passport through a valid animal registrar in Malaysia:
  1. Malaysia DVS Veterinar Officer
  2. Registered Veterinar near you
What is the price of registration Pet Passport fee?
Prices for registration are as follow:
  1. Cat, Dog and Rabbit - RM7
  2. Horse - RM9
*Price exclude the microchip price, physical examination, photographs and other services.