Lost and Found

Pet Information

Name Cat missing experience
Status Found
Sex Female
Type Feline
Breed Persian
Date Pet Went Missing 2021-01-16
Location Bandar Puteri 6, Puchong
GPS Longitud (E)
GPS Latitud (N)
Description about Lost/Found

Sad experience - Cat Snatched by Neighbour

On the 16/1/2021, 5.00pm, I called my cat for her dinner but this round was so weird that despite many calls, she didn’t come back. Normally, she will just sitting / resting nearby at car porch or just resting in front of my door gate.

We waited and called her till 9pm, but yet she was not returned. We searched the whole taman till the next morning but unfortunately didn’t found her.

I didn't give up god bless that I checked my CCTV. I was looking at the monitor and searching for the time she was missing since 5pm. Luckily I found a screen who a lady walking towards more door gate and snatch away the cat. She tried to escape from her hand but unfortunately, she was not able to escape and the lady seems very professionally know how to catch a cat in one second. After she snatched the cat, a car drove passing through my door gate. A car “Honda Civic" passing through my house.

I was so panic and I sent the cctv footage to our taman Group chat and asking anyone know the lady and the car. So fortunate that, with the help of all the neighbour, committee members and securities team, I manage to identify the car plate no “WC2666Y” and then after I found that this car belongs to my neighbour.

I quickly when to the house with my husband. I rang the doorbell. A man came out (her husband). I asked him whether he saw my cat. He responded that “that is your cat”. I didn’t even share the details of my cat (what colour, with what collar etc…). He went into the house, I heard many dogs barking (many many) and I heard some meows too. After a few minutes he carried my cat out and my cat was so scared and jump to my arm.

He "warned" me that “don’t let my cat out from my house anymore”.

I make the police report and texted her that I have made the police report to warn her not to do that again. But sad thing, she has no regret and didn’t even apologize but claimed that I am “mad” … She claimed that she caught her because she afraid my cat hit by the car but my cat just sitting near to my door gate and ask me to see a doctor.

Some neighbours called me and shared that, the couple run the pet business at home. The report to MPSJ, but seems nothing can be done and the missing cat incidents on and off happening in our taman.

Now.. I have to leash her every moment and I could not afford to lose her again. The feeling so bad till now.. I still could not let the feeling go off and the nightmare.

She so stresses too “pip and pops” not at her little box since she back home.

I hope this will not happen again.


Founder/Owner Information

Name Wei Ling
Telephone No 0167738013
Email weilingw1013@gmail.com